The best ways to prevent a drain clog

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–Daily activities like cooking and bathing can cause hidden problems within your pipes and drains. Grease, oil, soaps, lotions and hair care products can slowly coat the insides of your pipes. As the area of your pipes grows smaller, the waste water trying to leave your home starts to slowly back up. Some of the first signs of a serious problem are slow drains with unpleasant odors. If you don’t catch it quick, clogged drains will eventually lead to a very large, very costly, unpleasant mess.

The professionals at First Call Plumbing are experts at Atascadero drain cleaning and can clean your clogged drains properly, efficiently and quickly.

Beware the Cheap “Quick Fix”
Many homeowners feel like a clogged drain has a simple do-it-yourself solution – store bought liquid plumbing drain cleaners. That way of thinking could be a big mistake.

As much we like quick fixes, the knowledge, tools and equipment of an expert plumber simply cannot be found in a plastic bottle.

In some cases, chemical liquid drain cleaners can temporarily help a clogged drain work better. That being said, the consumer should be aware of the potential consequences of using harsh liquid drain cleaners.

• The results will probably be temporary – the clog may loosen up to allow water to pass through, but whatever is causing the clog will probably still be there and eventually start causing problems again.

• Many contain harmful chemicals that leak into our local water supply and affect our local ecosystem.

• Many contain erosive chemicals that can damage pipes and possibly cause holes that lead to leaks.

• Using chemical drain cleaners may be an inexpensive quick fix that leads to expensive pipe repairs.

The Best Way to Avoid a Drain Clog

Of course, the best way to avoid the headache and mess of a clogged drain is to be very careful about what goes down your drains.

• Avoid putting any kitchen waste, oils or greases down your drain.

• Keep vegetable and fruit peels, bones and cheese out of the garbage disposal.
Not all drain clogs are in the kitchen. Bathing and beauty routines should be carefully looked at as well.
• Make sure to keep a hair trap over bathtub and shower drains to prevent as much as hair as possible from going down the drain.
• Face and body mud masks and body oils should never go down bathtub, shower or sink drains.

There’s a Clogged Drain – Now What?

If you’re looking for drain cleaning Atascadero, you’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes, being careful just isn’t going to be enough. It’s hard to catch every hair from going down the drain and small things like stray hairs and soap residue might cause draining issues.

Professional plumbers understand the best techniques to eliminate drain clogs quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money in the long run.

Drains can get clogged from many things – kitchen waste, oils, soaps, hairs, and even unexpected toys. Calling a professional service will eliminate the trial and error DIY solutions, the guesswork and the headaches.

First Class Plumbing offers fast 24 hour service. We even have an emergency line for major plumbing issues that happen outside of our normal hours.

With over 30 years of experience, First Call Plumbing uses advanced tools and state-of-the-art equipment to provide expert drain cleaning Atascadero services. Call us today at (805) 470-7222 for more information on how we can resolve your residential or commercial plumbing problems.