Preparing plumbing systems for the winter months ahead

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–First Call Plumbing, the leading Atascadero pipe repair and emergency plumbing service, recently released a new “2015 Guide to Beating the Winter Freeze.” In this guide, they explain how to protect pipes from becoming damaged and what to do when pipes break, freeze, drip, or cause a flood.

Atascadero residents rely on First Call Plumbing for fast and efficient plumber Atascadero solutions any time of day or night, 365 days a year. First Call released the guide below to inform Atascadero residents and business owners about the necessary steps to take now to prepare for the quickly approaching winter months.

2015 Guide to Beating the Winter Freeze

Frozen pipes and flooding are the number one cause of damage to any commercial or residential plumbing system in the winter months. Pipes are expected to work because of their durable materials and they are often neglected until it is too late. Leaking or broken pipes and flooding can lead to critical water damage. Water damage can destroy personal belongings, business inventory, important documents, and even lead to the collapse of the building. These 6 steps will help homeowners avoid these catastrophes and beat the Winter Freeze.

1) Getting Pipes Inspected
First Call Plumbing is a full service plumber Atascadero company that inspects, repairs, remodels, and replaces all plumbing parts including pipes, drains, toilets, gas lines, water heaters, and more. Before the weather starts to drop, call First Call to receive a home or commercial inspection.

2) Disconnect the Garden Hose
Any excess water that remains in the spout can freeze and cause damages to the connected pipes. When water freezes, it expands, which causes pipes to break or burst. Wrap all outdoor faucets and spigots in plastic and seal them tight to prevent any water from leaking in and freezing.

3) Open the Cabinets
Sound strange? Most kitchen sinks and some bathroom sinks are installed against outside-facing walls. If this is the case, open the cabinets that hide the pipes to allow warm air from the house to balance out the cold air surrounding the pipes. This is usually only necessary in Atascadero when the temperatures are very cold, such as in the early morning or overnight.

4) Thaw Frozen Pipes CAREFULLY
Frozen pipes are delicate and at risk of breaking or bursting. It’s imperative to call one of the heating/cooling specialist plumbers in Atascadero from First Call Plumbing if you suspect a pipe is frozen. Proper ways to thaw a frozen pipe include using heat lamps, hot rags, infrared lamps, etc. The specialists from First Call Plumbing can also inspect and repair other plumbing items on the same visit, saving you time and money later.

5) Improve Insulation
The main cause of frozen pipes is insufficient insulation. Seal up crawl spaces, attics, basements, and caulking near pipes, windows, and walls. Ensure the insulation of your home or office is also in good condition before the coldest months arrive.

6) Drain or Drip
In the rare case that the temperature drops below freezing, and you think you may be at risk of frozen pipes in Atascadero, California, let the water faucets drip slowly to keep the water moving through the pipes. Going away for the winter? Turn off the main water valve and drain all the water in the pipes by turning on all the internal faucets until the water stops.

Hire a First Call plumber Atascadero to drain your pipes, inspect your plumbing and gas lines, and thaw frozen pipes. If a pipeline has already burst, First Call Plumbing will be there right away to resolve your plumbing emergency. For more information about the services First Call Plumbing offers, visit their website or call (805) 470-7222.

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