Emergency Plumber Atascadero

plumbingHaving issues with plumbing in your home or business? Welcome to First Call, your local, friendly Atascadero emergency plumbers. We offer the best plumbing service in all of the Central Coast, we’re based in Atascadero but we service everywhere from Oak Shores to Santa Maria to San Simeon! With over 30 years of experience, we can promise you a job well done! We’re only a call away, pick up the phone and put your plumbing problems in good hands!



Full Service Plumbing Experts

We’re experienced in all areas of plumbing; leaks, re-pipes, remodeling, repairs, drain inspections, installations, whatever it is, we have the tools and expertise necessary to remedy it in the most timely and affordable manner. We’ve been in business since 1988 and over the years we have gained the trust of our valued customers and community, so why hesitate? We offer a wide range of service to suit all your plumbing needs.



As a full service plumbing company, we are experienced with all types of leaks. Whether you need repairs or replacements, it’s all under control with First Call. We can replace toilets, faucets, garbage disposers, gas lines, water pipes, re-circulatory pumps, water heaters (tank or tankless), and even do total re-pipes!


Water Heater Installations

We offer same day installations of water heaters and tankless water heaters, and provide you with fast, affordable repairs on your water heater.


Plumbing Pipes

Is your home or business overdue for new pipes? Give your local emergency plumbers a call for fast and easy re-piping. We can even re-patch your walls and cover textures and paint so that you don’t have to hire additional handy men or contractors.


Video Camera Drain Inspections

Emergency Plumber Atascadero


Why spend time guessing about what’s clogged in your sewer or plumbing pipes? Often times the problem is tree roots or broken or separated lines, but our state of the art technology allows us to really take a close look. We can quickly determine the cause and save you money on costly repairs!



Commercial Plumbing as well!

Don’t let commercial plumbing problems hurt your business. First Call’s “One Call Does It All” program is precisely what your business needs to get up and running again. Our program offers you clean up, dry-out, and restoration services all under one roof!


For a full service plumbing contractor for all residential or commercial needs call: (805) 470-7222